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    xingaoxin·Product Center

    Independent research and development of advanced technology

    18 years of persistence·Strength casts a trusted brand

    Committed to building a world-renowned Chinese brand

    Product Research and DevelopmentWe value R&D and pursue excellent product performance

    Our technical staff have an average of more than 10 years of industry experience along with our average annual R&D investment of over $1 million

    Certificated products by SGS and Science and Technology Bureau.

    The corporation owns more than 15 national standard patents including utility model patents and invention patents.

    High-Tech and Intelligent ManufacturingOur Facilities

    Over 30000 m2 production base, 5 automatic production lines and a number of 10 noise detection equipment.

    With the efficient quality system and strict procedure for quality control, our level of technology, facilities and quality has reached the international standard with certification from SGS.

    We focus on the abrasion and breakage rate performance of the end product with an efficient production management and control system.

    On-time Production AssuranceFavorable price and excellent services

    Minimized delivery period with up to 50,000 tons of the annual production capacity of our product.

    Fast delivery is assured with our over 10,000 m2 storage base and an inventory amount of up to 5,000 tons for each of the classifications of our product.

    Efficient domestic transportation by cooperation with our local privileged logistic providers.


    Headquartered in Heli Park, Ningguo Economic and Technological Development Zone, a large production base of wear-resistant materials in Asia, Anhui Qasim Grinding Ball Co.,Ltd is a class II enterprise of Ningguo wear-resistant materials Association specializing in the production of high and low chromium energy-saving grinding ball forging, alloy casting ball forging, Multielement Alloyed Ball Mill Liner...

    • Land conservation and intensification Award
    • Integrity unit
    • Certificate of honor
    • Donation certificate
    • Caring enterprise
    • Contract abiding and trustworthy unit
    • Ningguo Economic Development environment monitoring point
    • High tech enterprise
    • Integrity unit
    • Contract abiding and trustworthy unit

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    • Sand Coated production Line
    • Sand coated molding line
    • Push rod furnace for heat treatment
    • Molding equipment
    • mold
    • heat treatment Equipment
    • Hot metal transfer machine
    • 630 Sand coated production line




    Address:Heli Economic and Technological Development Zone, Ningguo, Anhui, China

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